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The pump extracts your milk gently and efficiently by creating a vacuum when you attach it to your breast. Squeeze the pump, attach it to your breast and feel the suction. The breast milk will flow out naturally. Unlike some manual pumps you may know, you don't need to keep squeezing. Once properly attached, the pump creates a natural pressure for breast milk to be collected without any effort from your side! You have your hands free to do whatever you like. Cuddle your baby, read that book or drink that cup of tea at last!


A mom breastfeeding and pumping with the NatureBond Breast Pump - BabyMiles.ch

Yes! The pump is small and easy to put on your breast when you're breastfeeding your baby. The pump also works like magic when you use it while breastfeeding because on top of the vacuum created by the pump, your breasts are also naturally stimulated by the process of breastfeeding and the milk often flows easily and abundantly. It's such a great feeling to collect all this extra milk without any effort or extra time!


A baby holding the NatureBond Pump - BabyMiles.ch

No! Literally the only thing you need to extract your breast milk is the pump (and OK - your breast too ;) ) You don't need to worry about batteries, plug sockets, cables etc. etc... It means that you can pump anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want.


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Absolutely! The natural suction produced by this simple one-piece silicone pump will draw out your breast milk in the most gentle and comfortable way even if you don't leak. Many mothers who do not leak have shared that the NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump works effectively for them too. You wouldn't know how much milk you can collect until you try it out for yourself.


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Yes! Every breastfeeding mom has different requirements on suction force and comfort. The NatureBond pump has two thick silicone rings on its body to help you choose the right force for you. For moms who prefer gentle suction, it is recommended to pinch the bottom ring of the pump while attaching onto breast. For moms who prefer a well-balanced suction and comfort, the center region between the 2 rings is the optimal force. Moms who prefer a strong suction should squeeze the top ring. Voila!


A mom breastfeeding a baby and pumping with the NatureBond Pump - BabyMiles.ch

The strap comes especially handy if your baby likes to kick a lot when breastfeeding :) You attach the pump on one end of the strap and hang the other end over your neck and then attach the pump to your breast. This way, this uniquely designed and patented strap prevents the silicone pump from falling when our little one kicks it. No more 'crying over spilled milk'!


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It depends on your milk supply and the suction force you choose. 60ml in 10minutes? Absolutely possible! And what's best is that you can pump when you're breastfeeding your baby so you don't need to set aside extra time for pumping! Our days are already full enough, right? Many moms say that what they love the most about the pump is that it's such a time-saver!


A mom and a baby holding the NatureBond Pump - BabyMiles.ch

Yes! If you're a passenger :) If you're planning a long car ride, you can pump during the long hours and use them productively. As the pump doesn't need any batteries or electricity, you don't need to plan your stops around your pumping schedule but just pump when you need.

Do make sure to use the security strap that the pump comes with as the moving seat belt and general bumps on the road might move your pump. If the pump gets detached, the strap will catch it and your milk will be saved! Don't forget to take a cold storage container with you as well so you can store your milk safely until you reach your destination.


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The simple design with no seams or separate parts, makes cleaning and drying extremely easy. Clean after each use with warm water and mild soap. You can also put the pump in the dishwasher. To sterilize you can use your regular sterilizer (e.g. steam sterilizing, UV sterilizing, microwave sterilization) or sterilize in boiling water for at least 3 minutes. After cleaning, keep in dry, cool place.