How to use


How does it work?

Step 1: Flip the circular flap of the pump backwards.

Step 2: Squeeze the pump body:

  • Squeeze high for strong suction
  • Squeeze low for gentle suction

NatureBond Silicon Breast Milk Pump - how to regulate suction pressure

Smartly crafted pump body allows you to control the suction force according to your comfort level. The pump is made with silicon materials of varying thickness and with dual rings at pressure points. This allows you to regulate the suction force by squeezing the pump at different places. 

Step 3: Place on breast and flip the circular flap back. Done!  

What's in the box?

Sealed in air-tight vacuum packaging, the all-in-one pack comes with:

  • a NatureBond Silicon Breast Pump 
  • a patent-pending silicone breast pump stopper
  • a dust cover lid
  • a patented double-loop NatureBond pump strap
  • a velvet pouch
  • full color English instructions
    NatureBond Silicon Breast Milk Pump - box

 What else should I know?

  • NatureBond Silicon Breast Pump - awards
    It collects up to 100 ml 
  • It's safe - it's made of BPA free and FDA approved food grade silicone
  • It has been lab tested by Bureau Veritas (a world leader in testing, inspection and certification)
  • It has won awards 
  • It's a perfect baby shower gift for mothers who want to breastfeed