'We ought to be looking at business as a force for good' - Pierre Omidyar

Baby Miles provides an innovative solution to your breastfeeding challenges and therefore has a positive impact on women’s lives - something that is personally very important to me. Many entrepreneurs who also want to make a difference struggle however to start their own businesses.  

Through Baby Miles I want to help others to be impactful too. 

For every pump purchased, Baby Miles will be donating 1 franc to support Capacity: a talent and entrepreneurship program for migrants and refugees who provide innovative solutions to society’s needs and problems.


Why Capacity? I learnt the basics of entrepreneurship and got inspired by the team and fellow entrepreneurs at Capacity. I adopted its inclusive and solution-oriented approached in my work for Baby Miles, not least the need to connect customer issues with great product solutions - something I try to do every day through the breast pump. Many of the Capacity entrepreneurs are also parents like me, building businesses on the side and supporting social causes and giving back to the community. I believe it's vital that we support each other, especially now. 

Purchasing a product through Baby Miles means you get a better breastfeeding experience, you help others to realize their full potential and you contribute to building an innovative, inclusive society as well – win-win-win!