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  • It saves time - you can collect milk while breastfeeding your baby so you don't need to schedule extra time for expressing milk separately. Our schedules are full enough already.
  • It's hands free - stroke your baby, read a book, browse on your phone and get comfortable. Or if you use it when you're not breastfeeding - work, cook, fold that pile of baby clothes, do your nails etc... This is multitasking at its best.
  • It saves every drop of your milk - and every drop counts. You can collect all the let-down milk that was going wasted previously.  Bonus point - no more wet clothes! And if you don't leak? The pump works efficiently for you too. You will be surprised how much milk you can collect.  
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  • It helps to relieve engorgement and unclog milk ducts - by using pure natural suction pressure only.
  • It's quick to wash - the simple design with no seams or separate parts, makes cleaning and drying extremely easy. 
  • It's lightweight, small and easy to transport - it comes with a luxury pouch and it fits well in any handbag or a diaper bag, making it perfect for travelling. 
  • It's comfortable - the circular flap is made of even, smooth silicone surface for comfortable fitting on your skin.
  • A woman breastfeeding and using the NatureBond Silicone Breast Pump - BabyMiles
  • It's quiet - no more annoying noises that many mechanical pumps produce. 
  • It has a cool security feature - also known as the "patented double-loop NatureBond pump strap". It comes really handy if your baby is particularly wriggly. You put it over your neck, attach the pump to your breast and even if your baby kicks it off, the strap will catch it. You don't need to worry that it will fly across the room and spill all that precious milk. 
  • Value for money - You get an affordable, durable, comfortable and extremely practical product that will make your overall breastfeeding experience more enjoyable.

  • So much to love :)
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    NatureBond Silicon Breast Pump


    I started using this silicon breast milk pump in the 3rd month of breastfeeding and I'm really sorry I that I haven't discovered it earlier! I'm planning to go back to work soon and I will need to store a lot of milk. Compared to the traditional electric pump, collecting a good amount of milk with this silicon breast pump takes only 10 minutes and not 30, and I can do it in peace and quiet and without any annoying noise. And what's most important - I collect it while feeding my baby so I don't need to spend any extra time on pumping! Cleaning and sterilization takes a moment as it's only two parts. I'm also not feeling any discomfort when using the pump which is great. The simplest solutions are the best!  

    Ania, mum of a 6 month old


    I truly appreciated the silicon pump as a gift. I managed to passively collect milk for months and months of storage without stimulating my breast. I ended up using two pumps, one on each breast in between feedings as I had an overproduction of milk at one point and did not want to waste my liquid gold. As my milk supply regulated, I managed to use all the extra milk that I safely stored in my freezer. I am forever grateful for my friend who gave it as a gift. I now gift it to all my friends who become mamas!

    Valentina, mum of a 10 month old


    The pump is so good! I've already recommended it to two of my friends who are expecting! I manage to collect enough milk throughout the day to give my daughter a bottle in the evenings which gives me a break when she cluster feeds. I was also able to freeze my milk in the early days before we started giving her a bottle, so we have a small stash in the freezer for emergencies. I'm so grateful to my friend for this gift!'

    Mariko, mum of a 2 month old


    I was suffering from the low milk supply and I was being told by midwives and lactation consultant that even a single drop of mother's milk matters so much to boost baby's immune system. So I started fighting for each drop of milk and it was very frustrating to see that I was wasting so much milk that was staying on my clothes during breastfeeding. I received that wonderful breast pump from a friend and I started collecting all the milk flowing while I was breastfeeding from the other breast. It saved us so much time - I didn't have to spend another half an hour after each feed using electric pump (I hate the noise of it!) and my baby was getting enough of milk from the silicon breast pump. I will definitely buy it to all my friends who are expecting a baby!

    Anita, mom of a 3 month old 


    I received the pump as a gift from a friend. It came into its own in the first few days after the birth of my second child, when I had an extremely strong milk flow that soaked my clothes when the baby latched on. The neat, easy to use pump captured the flow from the unused boob, and allowed me to avoid wet clothes whilst also allowing me to capture milk for feeding later at night or for freezing. The pump is comfortable, easy to use, and has a strong enough suction that it holds itself in position leaving hands for e.g. holding baby, reading stories to older siblings, or simply checking your phone. The simple design, with no seams or separate parts, makes cleaning and drying extremely easy. Overall, a very handy product that came in useful most days for the first 6 months or so of breast-feeding. 

    Emily, mum of a 2,5 year old and a 9 month old 


    NatureBond Silicon Breast Pump