Our why

Baby Miles was created to improve the breastfeeding experience of women in Switzerland by a fellow mom. You can see me and my son on the picture. And you have guessed it – his name is Miles 😊

The Best Kept Breastfeeding Secret in Switzerland

Everything started with my own breastfeeding journey. I really loved it and wanted to do it as long as possible but I was disheartened by the amount of hours needed to express breast milk on top of the hours already spent breastfeeding. I was talking about it with my friend Teesh who recommended me the Nature Bond Silicon Breast Pump. It has drastically improved my breastfeeding experience. Thanks Teesh, I will be forever grateful!

With all the well-meant advice to new mothers I couldn't believe that: 'If you plan to breastfeed, get the Nature Bond Silicon Breast Milk Pump!' wasn't one of them.  

The reason was simple: 

none of my other friends have ever heard of it and it was impossible to get it in Switzerland. As a result - breastfeeding women in Switzerland were missing out and I wanted to change it. 

You can now get this amazing little pump through BabyMiles.ch. My hope is that it will save you time and make the whole experience of expressing milk more enjoyable. With all the time that we spend breastfeeding anyway, adding more hours to express milk to our already overfull schedules is just something you don't need to do anymore (Hallelujah!) And this just one reason why I’m such a fan of this pump. Read why others moms love it too. To this day, I'm impressed that such a simple thing can work so well. As another friend of mine put it 'It's genius in its simplicity'. I hope you will agree.

And if you are looking for a gift for your friend - do not look any further. The Nature Bond Silicon Breast Milk Pump beats the hell out of another set of dummies! Be like Teesh and let moms in Switzerland in on the secret that expressing milk doesn't need to take hours, be painful, annoying or costly. 

Warm regards,